Introducing dubsee in the player

dubsee is how viewers improve video captions while they watch.

dubsee in the player increases the accessibility and watchability of any video, anywhere.

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TLDR: Engage viewers to improve captions.

It's the fastest way to get accurate captions across the most videos at the lowest cost.

How It Works

1: Watch

Viewers flag + improve captions.

2: Verify

Crowd-sourced voting verifies caption accuracy.

3: Publish

Accepted changes are published for all to watch.

Key Features

Blocks Malicious Activity

dubsee's feedback + voting system ensures that bots, trolling, and spam are blocked.

Sleek Integration

dubsee in the player is hidden but easily enabled by viewers who want to improve captions.

10X Cost Reduction

Passionate & knowledgable viewers improving captions reduces associated costs 10X.

Data Generation

dubsee generates real world tagged feedback data to improve AI transcription services.

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Coming Soon


Multi-lingual viewers will improve auto-generated translations, opening up new content to the world.

Auto Dubbing

Improved translations allow for accurate text-to-speech dubbing to increase international viewership.


Scores, Badges, and Rewards will incentive viewers to contribute more.

AI Suggestions

Viewers will tap and select from AI generated alternative choices to improve captions.