Go global with accurate, viewer-improved subtitles.

Viewers watch with dubsee to support their favorite creators.

✅ Increase views - better captions and multilingual subtitles get more views.

✅ No managing roles - viewer feedback verification ensures quality.

No hassle setup - link your channel in seconds!

dubsee in action:

Jason Sudeikis Embraces Da Bomb While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

First We Feast

dubsee in action:

Jason Sudeikis Embraces Da Bomb While Eating Spicy Wings| Hot Ones

First We Feast

How It Works

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Link Your Channel

Share your dubsee channel link next to your videos.

Your videos are already on dubsee - let your viewers know that you are too!

Viewers Improve

Your viewers watch with dubsee to improve captions.

Viewer voting and verification ensures only quality updates are accepted.

Export to YouTube

Get notified when viewer-improved subtitles are ready.

Sign in with your Google account to export viewer-improved subtitles.

Compare Captioning Options

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Default Auto-Gen

Often gets your own name wrong.







Free but wrong and distracting captions means more work for the creator, or missing out on watch time.

Paid Manual Services

Can still need revision by the creator.







An often imperfect product that is expensive at $1.50+ per minute and $3-7+ for translations.


Passionate viewers know best.







Viewers make captions useful by improving accuracy so that more viewers can watch.

In short: Paid professional transcribers don't know your content as well as your viewers do.

Per Channel Pricing

dubsee supports creator accessibility with always free spoken language viewer-improved captions.

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$0 / mo

Compare to:

$90/mo* for 60 content mins

Export viewer-improved captions for spoken language

Unlimited Viewers

Unlimited Videos


$49 / mo

$29 / mo

Compare to:

$180/mo per language**

+ Export viewer-improved multilingual subtitles in all supported languages

Coming Soon

Global Dubbed

$99 / mo

Coming Soon

+ Export auto-dubbed multilingual audio tracks generated from viewer-improved subtitles

*60 minutes of content @ $1.50 per minute of manual captioning

**60 minutes of content @ $3.00 per minute of manual translation

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