Can I use dubsee on any YouTube channel or video?

Almost! While there are are some exceptions, dubsee works with most videos on YouTube!

Just paste a full YouTube link into the box above to navigate to that video’s dubsee page.

You can also go take any YouTube video ID and add it to the dubsee platform domain like so: https://yt.dubsee.cc/{YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID}

How does dubsee prevent from malicious crowd-sourced activity like trolling, bots, and spam in captions?

dubsee only takes input from logged in viewers and utilizes a viewer voting and verification system to ensure that only legitimate changes are approved and published into updated captions.

Furthermore, dubsee does not publish captions to YouTube without a channel owner uploading the updated captions themselves.

Does dubsee publish directly to YouTube?

No, dubsee allows channel owners and creators to download viewer-improved captions for any of their videos and then upload those captions to that video on YouTube.

Is dubsee available on other video platforms?

Not at the moment, but please contact us at [email protected] if you’d like us to integrate and work with another video platform.

Which languages does dubsee support?

We are aiming to support and provide viewer-improved translations on all needed languages on YouTube! If you don't see support for a language you would like to watch or help translating, please contact us at [email protected] ! 🌎