Get video captions improved by your viewers, while they watch.

dubsee is the simplest way for creators to level up their video captions.

Creators should create. Not fix bad captions.

That's why dubsee is where viewers improve auto-caption errors are distracting, unprofessional, and non-accessible on their favorite creator's videos.

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It's Simple

We move fixing captions away from creators so they can do more of what they do best - create!

It's Inclusive

Get captions done right for your entire audience and create growth opportunities with new viewers!

It's Effective

Compare to third-party caption review services offering expensive solutions that are still not error-free.

It's Accurate

dubsee is where passionate viewers improve captions for videos care about more than anyone else.

Key Features

One-Click Caption Editor

Improving captions on any video is just a click away for you and your viewers.

Multiplayer Collaboration

Viewers work together to update captions in an intuitive but powerful editor.

Update Pre OR Post Publish

Let viewers improve captions before or after you publish to your social channels.

Frequently asked questions

Can any of my viewers make changes to my captions?

On dubsee, we allow anyone to view videos that are public. However, only approved viewers can actually improve and make changes to your captions on dubsee. Then, when viewers are finished making changes, we notify creators so that they can review, export, and publish changes when they want.

How do I post updated caption files? (Does dubsee post for me?

dubsee is creator controlled so we do not post for you. Creators are notified when their viewers have updated captions in dubsee and can choose to export those captions to their published videos when they want.

Can I translate captions to other languages?

dubsee is currently English only. But we are passionate about introducing creators to international audiences will be releasing viewer-improved translations soon.

Do viewers see my videos before they are public?

All videos imported or uploaded to dubsee are currently public, dubsee will not import any Unlisted or private videos unless the creator uploads it themselves.

It's free to connect your channel and get started.

dubsee is free for most channel's needs.

No card required.


$0 /month

Compare to $180/mo*

Up to 10 videos

Up to 120 minutes of video

Up to 5 active viewers

Approved Collaborators

Public Videos


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Compare to $450/mo*

Up to 50+ videos

Up to 300+ minutes of video

Up to 20+ active viewers

Approved Collaborators

Public & Private Video Modes

*compared to third-party review services at $1.50+ per minute